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The Power of Patience (Nutrition)

I have a friend I run with who seeks the silver bullet, that magic potion that when ingested, gives you amazing superpowers. He still hasn't found it. It's not a bad goal, but not too realistic. Heck I have even been guilty of it on more than one occasion. All too often we see pics of the best runners eating highly nutritious meals that us regular folk don't have the patience, money, or knowledge to make. It's like trying to put a Ferrari engine in a Honda, in my case.

The one thing I have learned over the years and was re-emphasized this past weekend at Trail Camp, training and race food is food for that purpose ONLY and not really part of our everyday diet, hell we may not even like it, but it is the fuel we need during training to help reap maximum returns. When it comes to a race, flip the switch and realize this is what is necessary to fuel you, so get it in you, the sooner the better. Being consistent in your training with foods/gels/chews or liquid calories will also help you determine what works best. In "Ultra Running Essentials," by Jason Koop, he recommends using a bullseye target to record what works for you. Your best foods in the center and the not so good ones in the outer rings. Most of all be patient, learn, experiment and KNOW what is going in your body and WHY.

Stay tuned for some of my favorite pre-race meals, nutrition tips during a race, and recovery post-race.

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