The Ups and Downs of a 100 miler.

It has now been a week since I finished the Hardrock 100 in Silverton, CO. and to some degree I feel like I am still sitting at an aid station, tired and hungry. Thinking back on those 40 hours in the San Juan Mountains I try to encapsulate it all and put it in a bottle to sit on my shelf. A bottle to sip from, like a fine port after dinner, while I watch the fading sun across the lake. Okay, let's not get poetic here. What was it really like? It was 6 months of preparation.

Best Belt Yet....

One of my first Ultimate Direction pieces was the "Wasp" a small hydration pack with ample storage AND the ability to carry a bottle horizontally in a sleeve attached to the pack. It is still one of my favorites. These days my runs are a bit shorter and do not require me to take a lot of extra "stuff" and to be honest, sometimes I just want to wear a belt. My biggest beef are belts that have buckles. Don't like them never have. I like the versatility of velcro for the fit. En

Hillsound FreeSteps Snow Cleats

With winter conditions still prevailing here in north Idaho my training for the 2017 Boston Marathon and the Hardrock 100 in July have begun in earnest and despite snowy, icy conditions my torso has been able to remain upright! I purchased a pair of Hillsound FreeSteps last fall and can honestly say that they are the 4 wheel drive of snow cleats in my closet. Now I have done the screws in the bottom of my shoes and yes, they do have their place and their limitations. Personal

The Power of Patience (Nutrition)

I have a friend I run with who seeks the silver bullet, that magic potion that when ingested, gives you amazing superpowers. He still hasn't found it. It's not a bad goal, but not too realistic. Heck I have even been guilty of it on more than one occasion. All too often we see pics of the best runners eating highly nutritious meals that us regular folk don't have the patience, money, or knowledge to make. It's like trying to put a Ferrari engine in a Honda, in my case. The on