Best Belt Yet....

One of my first Ultimate Direction pieces was the "Wasp" a small hydration pack with ample storage AND the ability to carry a bottle horizontally in a sleeve attached to the pack. It is still one of my favorites. These days my runs are a bit shorter and do not require me to take a lot of extra "stuff" and to be honest, sometimes I just want to wear a belt. My biggest beef are belts that have buckles. Don't like them never have. I like the versatility of velcro for the fit. En

When is Enough, Enough?

I was on the phone about a week ago with an old friend and was asked about my plans for racing this year, to which I replied "Oh Boston in April and Hardrock in July." In my world these are two kids on different sides of the playground when it comes to running. 2017 will mark my 5th Boston Marathon and it will also mark my 4th Hardrock, a 100 mile trail race in Silverton, CO that takes place above 10,000 feet. So my friend then says to me "Do you ever ask yourself, when is en