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Life with Harley Bean and Russell Sprout.....

It was Sunday morning and of course at this time of the year in Idaho it is rainy and dreary and our two young boys are discontent to say the least.

Here is the gist of my conversation....

"I'm bored" says one of our two boys, 8 year old Russell.

"You have toys, books, games and legos. Use your imagination" I reply.

"I'm going running" he says.

He proceeds to put on his Size 5 Walmart Specials, no coat and no hat and bolts out the door.

He runs down the muddy driveway to the mailbox, back up the hill, comes inside breathing heavy and says "I'm done".

"Are you sure? because I have something else you can do" I shoot back.

"How about you take my wooden box in my man cave and I'll give you $1 if you do 100 step-ups on it?"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh o.k." he replies and starts.

So I put this $1 bill on my white board with a magnet and it dangles in front of him like an apple in front of a horse. Poor little guy is huffing as he counts them out on a hand clicker I gave him to use. The 12 inch box is thigh high on his tiny body but it doesn't slow him down and he just keeps staring at that dollar bill. Give it to me 45, 46, 47......

Meanwhile, nine-year old, Harley Bean has been observing this the whole time. Pretending to be absorbed in a Minecraft book. He had no interest in any of this UNTIL there was money involved.

"You want to run to the mailbox first?" I ask.

"I don't do mud" Harley says.

"Ummm I want a dollar."

"Gotta do those step-ups kid."

"Non-stop?" he says.

"Well yeah, nonstop" I reply.


Russell finishes with 101 and Harley starts. Dollar bills are dangling from the whiteboard, Up and down, up and down, up and down. 75, 76, 77 and in a few minutes he is done. 102. It must be a brother thing, always gotta do one more.

"Good job you guys. Here, take my money"

"It's our money"

An hour later Harley shows me the clicker and says "Look I did another 200, you owe me $2"

"Uhhhhh I don't think so. Only if I offer, do you get a dollar. How about you just do them because they make you feel good?"

Two words Heck and No....

"Are you bored now you two?"


Guess I better get more dollars bills and bring out the dumbbells..............

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