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When Hard becomes a Hard rock.....

With 2 weeks to go before I step on the starting line to begin my 4th Hardrock 100 Mile Trail Race in Silverton, CO, I realize that training is not the only difficult component of my preparation. My mental prep is taking a hit along with my body. A hamstring strain has sidelined me the last few days. I suspect I got it loading my motorcycle on the trailer before I left Idaho. Yes, I as a runner, do enjoy motorized two-wheels once in awhile and with these beautiful Forest Service roads in Colorado why not? So back to the race and this per-say problem...with Hardrock climbing and descending a combined 66,000 feet over 100 miles, it is necessary to have two legs AND necessary that they work. Normally I may have gone a little cray-cray before an event like this and having a setback but here's the thing, I won't get any faster in the next two weeks but I can get a hell of a lot slower if I don't take care of this. I hike a little, stretch, roll, bridge, lift, massage, stretch again, soak in the creek, drink a coffee, read, eat, drink a beer and repeat.

I live for the mountains and this race and this one 48 hour period of the year when this magnificent course calls out to 140 runners from all over the world. I am lucky to be here and fortunate to have this hiccup, to lower my expectations and find a new direction.

"Impediment to action is action, what stands in the way becomes the way."

Adjust that attitude.....

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