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The Magic of the Unicorn....

It is 2 degrees outside. It is the kind of cold that slaps me in the face when I step into it and reminds me of just who has the final say when I begin my morning run.

The Boston Marathon is 94 days away.

The journey for my 5th Unicorn has begun.

Ahhhh the Unicorn.

It is was chosen as the symbol of the BAA due to its place in mythology and the idea that we can pursue it but it can never be caught.

In our running, we can pursue excellence but we can never truly achieve it. To push ourselves to be the very best we can be. That is what lies at the core of this sport and looking at the Unicorn this morning it is what pushes me out the door.

The snow crunches underfoot, my breath crystalizes my face mask, my eye-lashes grow heavy with frost and another mile is complete. On this morning I recall mornings of years past, of every footstep that led me to this quiet, dark road in North Idaho. Youth is fleeting. Performance and expectations ebb and flow over the years as my body ages. "The only thing of permanence in this world, is change." Thank you Marcus Aurelius.

Each Unicorn I have earned has been special. Unique. Painful. Earned.

2013-The sadness and pain of a horrific human act.

2014-Joy in the masses.

2015-Turning the rain into a positive and having a great run.

2016-Live to fight another day.


I walk in the door. 6 miles are done.

Sometimes we need a little push to get us going and I believe we all have a Unicorn.

It may not be on a medal to remind you of the pursuit but it is there saying "Catch me if you can and I will lead you to places you have never been".......

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