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Three on Three and Winter is here!!!

Here in North Idaho the snow has finally arrived and with it the excitement of a new season of outdoor activity. Recently I was at The Running Event in Orlando for the latest goods and gadgets for retail running stores across the country.

To be honest I love my socks and so do my feet and I want to share with you 3 great brands. Every snowflake is different and so is every foot and sock, hence the choices today.

If you are a Cabela type dude or dude-ette my hunting/fishing/snowshoeing sock of choice is by Farm To Feet out of North Carolina. They use 100% US Merino wool sourced from US ranches and incorporate an elastic Lycra Fiber for comfort compression from the top through the arch. With a seamless toe closure the fit and comfort from mid calf down was amazing. They have cool colors too! Hats off to Farm To Feet!!

Feetures! comes out of North Carolina as well, also incorporating Merino wool in their Elite Quarter pictured above. Not only do my feet stay warm and dry in the slush and snow but I have found that thanks to their targeted compression under the arch, my feet do not feel so fatigued after a long hike or run. In addition a seamless toe area and extra cushioning under the heel contributes to a snug and comfy fit. I would suggest these for rainy, wet days and if your running will be in the 1-2 hour range. Kudos Feetures!

DryMax has long been a staple in my trail running, be it hot or cold. They have moisture control down to an art and we all know that moisture, heat and friction will contribute to blisters. Drymax uses a 2 opposite fiber technology with the inner layer repelling moisture and directing it to the outer moisture attracting layer. With protective padding, odor control and long lasting durability this heavy duty trail sock is my favorite for long, wet days of 3 plus hours outside.

So what do I suggest?

Farm To Feet for multi-use in the yard, splitting wood, hunting or fishing.

Feetures for late fall through the spring trail running. Cold temps and dry or wet conditions.

DryMax for long, long days trail running in wet conditions.

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