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Find your ahhhhh moment....

I was sitting under some red fir trees high on a slope overlooking our small town of Hope, ID. It was elk season and for the past 10 days I had struck out. That might not be a big deal to some people (those who don't hunt or vegetarians), but it is what I do every year and my wife and I rely on the harvest to fill our freezer, so it is a big deal. With that meat and our canned vegetables and sauces from our garden and apple cider from our trees, we are pretty sustainable. But back to that moment up high as the sun was setting. All to often I think we get caught up in our everyday life and don't take the time to pause and look around. Did I care that I had not found what I was searching for? Nope. I was sweaty and dirty and hungry and thirsty but it was and always is great to be outside and moving. It is a feeling that no computer can replicate but it is even better to be unplugged and it is way better than be horizontal on a couch. Time is fleeting and it never ever stops, as sure as the sun rises, it sets. As sure as clouds roll in, they disappear. In the blink of an eye we can miss an ahhhh moment but not today for me....I'll take one every day....and store it away.

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